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Lois & Clark Season 4

Season four of Lois & Clark is all about them finally getting married. Of course this isn’t so easy to get done with Superman standing in the way, but seeing that it’s the last season you can guess the ending…

Sound and Vision:
The image has been remastered to HD and you get standard takes that are prety goodwith bright colors, sharp image, good contrast and detail. The scenes with special effects lack depth and overall look a bit less good than the normal ones. Compression errors are present but not too disturbing.

The 2.0 soundtrack is decent but does contain some distortion in the dialogues at times.


This last season of Lois&Clark continues the natural storyline of the previous seasons with even more attraction between Lois & Clark that ends up with them getting married. Every episode has its villain and the whole gets filled with the traditional and rather nice comedy. Still, the series gets more and more focused on the character of Lois (Teri Hatcher – who can blame them?) and this may very well be the reason why there will be no fifth season. All in all a decent release from Warner but some extras wouldn’t have hurt

Our Score:

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