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Long Time Dead

Liam and his friends are bored and looking for some kicks. After having bragged to each other about all the stuff they’ve done already in the past, one of them suggests to do a sceance with an Ouija-board.

During the sceance things go wrong pretty fast however as an evil spirit which calls himself “Djinn” proclaims they will all die. Liam takes the glass they’re using on the board and smashes it. Everyone can relax and shortly after they’re again laughing and leave for home. However, not long after the sceance, one by one, their friends start to get killed without any suspect available. Time is running out as they have to discover who is killing them: the Djinn, the strange old landlord, or is the killer one of them ?

Sound and Vision:
From time to time details get lost in very dark places, but for the rest the dvd is spotless. The film often uses blue filters to give an unnatural appearance while flashbacks are shown in a very red-colored palette.

The soundtrack is good with clear dialogues and overall sound. The surround channels are used only sporadically and so is the subwoofer. Still, the sound is actively and well-used to create an atmosphere of tention.

There’s two promotional featurettes which have some quotes from cast and crew but you can’t say much more about them than that they’re “promotional”. The “Behind-the-scenes” footage is also just that. You see a couple of guys shooting some film of the actual shooting of the movie… Next to that we get a teaser and the official trailer

Long Time Dead is one of those movies which follow up on the recent revival of teenage horror-movies with the small difference that this is English rather and US. The movie is a lot more serious than movies like Scream but the “scare-effects” are just as good although one cannot call them original. When you watch the featurettes, you’ll see the cast say that this movie is better than others because it’s British. I wouldn’t go that far but saying it’s nice horror-amusement for a Friday night at home is giving the movie the credits it should get.

Our Score:

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