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Long Weekend SE, The

Ed Waxman (Fehr) has always been obsessed with making movies about nothing and this has resulted in him having a great job in advertising. His life – although rather boring – seems to be going pretty good until he finds his wife in bed with a friend. That isn’t too bad though, except for the fact that they were taping their deed with his camera! From that point on, he decides to never touch a video camera again and this results in his professional life going downhill as well. Two days before his company has to come up with a new campaign for a big customer, he gets fired. Unless… he can come up with something great to keep the customer happy. While Ed is thinking about saving his career, his brother Cooper has other plans. It’s Ed’s birthday weekend and what better thing than to get your depressed brother laid? However, that’s easier said than done…

Sound and Vision:
The Long Weekend has good image and sound quality and although you don’t really need a DTS track to enjoy a comedy, Dutch Filmworks has done a good job with it. All channels are used in a subtle way that improve the overall atmosphere while the image has decent amount of detail and is very sharp. Good stuff that perfectly suits the movie.

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All very standard…

All in all, The Long Weekend is very predictable as we tend to be used from comedies. It follows in the footsteps of American Pie although it doesn’t quite manage to be equally funny. Sex is all around and the only one that doesn’t get his piece of the cake is the main character. Very peculiar… NOT! Still, if you like this type of movies, The Long Weekend does a decent – although very standard – job with good work from Brendan Fehr who manages to save some of the movie.

Our Score:

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