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Longest Yard, The

Paul Crewe (Sandler) is a former American Football star who was hugely popular until he got involved in a bribe where he had to give away an important game. Ever since then, he’s been living on the expenses of his girlfriend but their relationship isn’t going all too well. During a car chase with the police that gets broadcasted all over the United States, Crewe gets caught after crashing his girlfriend’s Bentley into a bunch of police cars and gets sentenced to jail. In prison, Crewe gets asked to help the local football team that consists out of guards and he suggests to have a test match between the guards and the prisoners. The governor agrees and Crewe gets to start making his own team… something that isn’t too easy as nobody trusts him due to his past where he sold out on his team mates for a little money.

Sound and Vision:
The overall image quality is quite good. There’s some minor grain present but we didn’t spot any compression errors or anything else that might spoil the fun.

The soundtrack is very good with decent use of all channels including the subwoofer that creates a nice sense of bass when necessary. Dialogues are always nicely centered while the soundtrack is dynamic and atmospheric

– Bloopers
– Deleted scenes
– Extra Points: Visual Effects
– Fire Down & Twenty-Five to Life: The Making of The Longest Yard
– Lights, Camera, Touchdown!
– The Care & Feeling of Pro Athletes
– Videoclip: Errtime by Nelly

The Longest Yard is based on the 1974 Robert Aldrich movie with Burt Reynold which was already the basis for 2001’s Mean Machine with Vinnie Jones. This American remake sees Adam Sandler in the main role and Burt Reynold returning as the coach while Chris Rock has the part of the funny sidekick. Personally, I was very pleased with this movie as Sandler manages to keep things funny without going too far and making things overly burlesque like Ben Stiller constantly tends to do.

Our Score:

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