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Looney Tunes: Back in Action

Daffy Duck gets fired by Warner Brothers and when Kate (Jenna Elfman) puts Daffy out the door she runs into security officer DJ Drake (Brendan Fraser) who would want to become a stuntman. When Brendan sees Daffy is getting the sack, he starts raging at Kate and in the confusion, Bugs Bunny can help Daffy escape. Kate fired DJ who she blaims for Daffy’s getting away and there’s nothing else for him to do but go home. Once there he finds a letter from his father(Timothy Dalton) which states he’s been captured as apparantly his acting job has always been a cover for his spywork. Together with Daffy, DJ leaves for Las Vegas to rescue his father.

Meanwhile, it has become clear that you can’t make a decent Looney Tune movie without Daffy and Kate has to bring him back as she’s to blame for him getting fired. Together with Bugs Bunny she also goes to Vegas to find Daffy but they’ll have to face Mr. Chairman (Steve Martin), director of the evil company ACME and capturor of DJ’s dad, who wants to get hold of the Blue Monkey, a diamond which can turn al of humanity into monkeys.

Sound and Vision:
We can be happy to say that there are no compression errors present in this movie. The colors are bright and shiny, the depth of the image is good and so is the amount of detail.

The 5.1 track is aggressive and dynamic with much ambiance and lots of bass as you could expect from a toon-movie. Dialogues are nicely centered at the front center speaker while there’s a lot of music and effects coming from the rear. Good stuff 🙂

Behind The Tunes: Daffy gives us a tour around the set in his unmistakeable way. Along with that there’s also short interviews with the main cast & crew. Bang, Crash, Boom: Daffy and Bugs Bunny go on the set and give some extra explanation on the special effects. Looney Tunes Out Of Action: Both toons give some extra comments on the deleted scenes aswell as storyboards that never made it to the picture. Alternative beginning and end are also part of the show. Whizzard Of Ow: Roadrunner cartoon with Wile E. Coyote. Theatrical Trailer and dvd rom feature end the extras

If you like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck you may just as well get the dvd only for the extras and consider the movie a nice plus. Definitely one to get if you’re looking for some whack animated fun

Our Score:

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