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Lord of the Flies

This version of Lord of the Flies is based on the movie from 1963 which then was originally based on the book by William Golding. Who has seen the original movie will immediately notice some big differences with this remake but the bottom line remains the same: a bunch of kids survive a plane crash and strand on a deserted island. Once there, they elect a leader who will try to get things sorted out so they can survive untill help comes to rescue them. However, after a while some of the kids get bored with following the rules set up by the leader and decide to set up another camp where more fun-stuff like hunting can be done. What they don’t realise however, is that this is the first step towards a barbaric way of living and while the movie progresses, the spiral only goes downwards…

Sound and Vision:
The image isn’t bad but sometimes lacks details and although there isn’t too many white dots or scratches on the film, there are some minor compression errors to be found. However, overall we can’t really complain. Shadow depth is reasonable and contrast & brightness are good.

The sound is nothing special with a normal 2.0 track without any remarkable properties


The original movie was shocking in its time and maybe it was this idea that made director Harry Hook decide to do a remake but the problem is that he didn’t follow the book and rather made a synopsis of the first movie. This results in a rather poor storyline where a lot of stuff like what the title stands for remains unclear. Still, the movie remains rather entertaining and if you haven’t seen the original or read the book, you might really enjoy it. This is a budget release so there are no extras available and both image and sound don’t offer anything else than the basics

Our Score:

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