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Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (CE 4-disc)

Ok, I won’t be telling you the whole storyline of this first Lord of the Rings movie as there’s quite some heavy book present for that and most people will probably already know it by now.
In short: we get to know the characters that will form the fellowship that will head off to Mount Doom to try to destroy The One Ring that rules all other rings. If they do not succeed in their journey and Sauron The Dark Lord manages to get hold of the ring, the whole of Middle-Earth will be at his feet.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is even better with this special edition than with the original release, due to the fact that the prolonged movie now is spread over 2 discs which means that overall there’s more space for data and a higher bitrate can be used. Perfect!

This special edition contains a DTS 6.1 ES track which we’ve checked out and compared to the sound from the original dvd release, this one is even more atmospheric and dynamic. Great stuff !

– 20 minutes more movie
– 4 audio commentary tracks with Peter Jackson, the design team, the producers and the cast. In total 14 hours…
– J.R.R. Tolkien – Creator Of Middle-Earth: documentary on Tolkien and his books
– From Book To Script: feature on how the script was created. Also the differences between movie and book get highlighted
– Visualising the Story: raw animations, storyboard comparisons, storyboards that haven’t been used in the final cut, … Also we get to see scenes being taken with handycams to determine the final camera views
– Designing And Builing Middle Earth: four features that cover everything about the design of the movie. In total over 90 minutes of interesting stuff.
– Middle Earth Atlas: map with the different locations
– New-Zealand As Middle Earth: shows the different locations in New Zealand where scenes were shot.
– The Fellowship of the Cast: the cast gets to know each other before filming
– A Day In The Life Of A Hobbit: Sam and Frodo get followed during a day on the set
– Camera’s In Middle Earth: 50 minutes documentary that shows how difficult is was to create three movies at the same time in the middle of New-Zealand
– Scale: 15 minutes feature on how the hobbits have been made smaller than the rest of the crew
– Miniatures: feature on the models used for the movie
– Post Production – Putting It All Together: 2 features, first up a documentary on the logistics of making a movie, secondly we get to check out a scene through six different camera’s
– Digital Grading: feature on the adjusting of the colors to fit the fairytale character of the movie
– Sound and Music: 2 features that show how the sound effects and music were made

Well, what do you want me to say ? This extended edition is marvellous. It’s got even better image and sound quality (DTS rules!), there’s a buttload of extras that can keep you occupied for several hours, and all in all there’s just no reason not to buy this dvd release… unless you don’t like the Lord of the Rings trilogy… something that I would find really strange.

Our Score:

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