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Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (CE 4-disc)

This is the third and last part in the trilogy. Saruman has been defeated in Helm’s Deep but Sauron is gathering his armies to defeat Minas Tirith and the kingdom of Gondor. Frodo and Sam are getting closer to Mount Doom but the treaturous Gollem may well get them killed. Meanwhile, the rest that remain of the original Fellowship are gathering forces to defend Gondor against the huge armies of Orcs sent out by Sauron.

Sound and Vision:
As with the first collector’s edition, the movie is spread over two discs instead of one and therefore has a higher bitrate which delivers even better image quality.

Again we get a DTS ES track as extra and again it is phenomenal. Perfect!

– 48 minutes extra movie
– 4 audio commentary tracks with Peter Jackson and the script writers, design team, production team, and finally the cast
– Short introduction by Peter Jackson on the setup of the extra’s
– J.R.R. Tolkien: The Legacy of Middle-Earth: 28 minutes where we get to know about Tolkien’s personal life and how it affected his books
– From Book to Script: Forging the Final Chapter: again we get to see how the books were turned into a script. Also we get to check out the scrapped scene where Aragorn and Sauron fight.
– Designing Middle-Earth: same as with the previous movies but with focus on Minas Tirith.
– Big-Atures: Documentary on how the miniatures of Minas Tirith and the ram Grond were made
– Weta Workshop: 46 minutes on how everything from costumes and weapons were created
– Costume Design: additional feature on the costumes of the cast
– Design Galleries: pictures and sketches
– Home of the Horse Lords: feature on the horses that were used in the movies and how they were trained (along with the cast)
– Middle Earth Atlas: same as on the previous dvd’s
– New Zealand as Middle Earth: again we get to see how real parts of New Zealand were used for shooting the movies
– Camera’s in Middle Earth: behind-the-screens footage for 73 minutes
– Visual Effects – Weta Digital: same as the Weta Workshop but for everything concerning digital enhancements
– Editorial: Completing The Trilogie: 21 minute feature on the work Jackson had to make all images into a movie
– Music For Middle Earth: composer Howard Shore talks about how the music has been created
– The Soundscapes of Middle Earth: feature on the creation of the sound effects
– The End Of All Things: Feature on how the movie was still being cut only weeks before the premiere. Very interesting
– The Passing Of An Age: lots of things that happened after the premiere of the third movie including the Oscars

Well, with The Return of the King, the famous trilogy comes to an end and we have to say goodbye to Frodo, Gandalf, Aragorn, and all the others. But not before checking out this collector’s edition dvd though as it contains fantastic image and sound quality accompanied by a ton of extras that – although continuing in the same line as on the other dvd’s and therefore aren’t really “original” – are definitely worth checking out. No reason what so ever to not buy this release, if you’ve bought the original dvd, sell it to someone else and make sure you get this one!

Our Score:

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