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Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (SE)

Frodo and Sam are still on their way to Mordor when they meet the creature called Gollem. Sam doesn’t trust him, but since there’s no other option, they decide to let Gollem lead them the way to Mordor. Meanwhile, Saruman’s army is marching towards Helm’s Deep where the people of Rohan have fled together with the rest of the Fellowship to prepare for battle.

Sound and Vision:
Looking for perfect image & sound quality ? Then look no further as LoTR: The Two Towers has it all: crystal clear and sharp image, color use that makes scenes look like paintings and sharp detail. No errors what so ever, no edge enhancement, no grain, no artefacts, no nothing but splendid image quality.

Same goes for the superb soundtrack which gets boosted out of all speakers and is supported by extremely good use of the subwoofer.
As said: Two Towers is perfect when it comes to image and sound

There aren’t any extras on the first disk but the second one is filled quite completely.

We start off with an in-depth look at whole production of the Two Towers after which we get a short film directed by Sean Austin aswell as a “making of” of this short film (which has absolutely nothing to do with LoTR but was invented and made during the production of LoTR). Next up are a bunch of featurettes which cover the characters and the places of Middle Earth (several different features, each checking out one subject). A behind-the-scenes preview of the next movie (Return of the King) is also ready to be checked out. Theatrical trailers and TV-spots can’t be left out and to end we get a music video (Gollem’s Song by Emilia Torrini) and a preview of EA’s video game “Lord of the Rings: Return of the King”

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers is a great dvd filled with extras and perfect image and sound quality. This is a must-have for everyone’s collection !

Our Score:

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