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Lord of War SE

After watching a lot of television, Yri Orlov (Cage) finds the perfect job to get rich quick: become an arms dealer. After a couple of small deals, he finds out that there’s no place for yet another “legit” dealer and decides to start selling weapons illegally to countries that are in war or have been boycotted by the United Nations. His bank account is growing quickly and this way he can impress the woman he always loved, the photo model Ava. She has no clue what he does for a living but the luxury makes up for a lot of things and they get married. When the USSR collapses, Yuri contacts his uncle who’s a Ukranian general and manages to get an excellent deal to buy Russian weaponry which he can sell with enormous profits. Things are looking better than ever. However, not all is great as the competition is getting more fierce and also Interpol in the form of Agent Jack Valentine (Hawke) are on his heels.

Sound and Vision:
The original format is 2.35:1 but the dvd has an aspect ratio of 1.78:1. This results in some scenes not looking the way the director intended it. There are some minor damages and grain present but fortunately not disturbing. The compression errors do tend to irritate from time to time. From what I found on the internet, the original Region1 release also had this transfer, but quietly was replaced by a new one that had the original aspect ratio of 2.35:1. We got the old transfer…

The soundtrack is something we don’t complain about. It’s aggressive and very well balanced.

– Behind-the-Scenes
– Interviews
– Deleted Scenes
– Photo Gallery
– Liner Notes
– Trailers

Very standard stuff all together

Lately, I was getting quite disappointed with the overall quality of movies these days, but Lord of War is one of the latest that managed to give me some hope after all. The movie is fantastic with a decent amount of tension while adding some flavours of humour and an overall excellent storyline. Dutch Filmworks adds to that great sound quality and some extras that some people may enjoy although they’re pretty standard as far as extras go. Unfortunately, we can’t say the image quality is so fantastic although it isn’t bad either. Definitely one of the DVD’s you must have in these times where movies tend to be quite uninspired and pretty standard.

Our Score:

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