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Lost Boys Special Edition, The

Michael (Jason Patric) and his brother Sam (Corey Haim) move together with their mother to “Santa Carla”, a small coastal town with a lot of youngsters. One night, Michael gets attracted by the beauty of Star (Jami Gertz) but he quickly finds out she’s got a boyfriend, David (Kiefer Sutherland). David and his friends pretty much like Michael and hangt out with him in their secret hiding place. However, little later, Michael starts to act weird, sleeps during the day, and constantly walks around with his sunglasses. His brother, Sam, meanwhile hangs around the local comic book store where the two Frog-brothers warn him that things are all but normal in town. Apparantly, vampires have a nest there and soon after, they find out that Michael himself has been bitten and is turning into a vampire. However, the process can still be turned around if the head vampire gets killed. Michael meanwhile finds out that Star is also becoming a vampire so together with Sam en the Frog-brothers, he will face David and his friends to keep himself and Star – with whom he’s fallen in love – from becoming a bloodsucker.

Sound and Vision:
This special edition has a remastered image track which contains hairsharp details with great contrast and depth of black. Compression errors, grain, dirt and damage are completely absent so we can clearly say this remastered version is a fine piece of work.

Also the soundtrack has been remastered but does come in a lower bitrate than is used for the Region1 version. The emphasys is on the front channels with subtle uses of the surround speakers except when special effects come in and the surrounds really get used aggressively. The same goes for the subwoofer. Dialogues are at all times good understandable and the overall track nicely adds some extra atmosphere to the movie.

Disc 1:
– Audio commentary by Joel Schumacher

Disc 2:
– The Lost Boys: A Retrospective: Most of the cast & crew take a look back at how the movie became to exist and was created. Interesting and fun to watch
– Inside The Vampire’s Cave: several short features :
– A Director’s Vision: Schumacher didn’t really want to make the movie at first but completely reworked the script so that it would appeal more to an adult adience. Also Keifer Sutherland gets to tell about the difference in script between the initial one and the one used for the movie
– Comedy Vs. Horror: Richard Donner talks about how humor in a movie can help interest the audience for a movie.
– Fresh Blood: A New Look At Vampires: Schumacher talks about how vampires got a new look in The Lost Boys as opposed to older movies
– The Lost Boys Sequel?: Joel Schumacher jokes around about a sequel called “Lost Girls”
– Vamping Out: The Undead Creations Of Greg Cannom: Feature about the makeup that was used for the movie
– The Return Of Sam And The Frog Brothers: Haimster & Feldog: The Story Of The 2 Coreys,: Corey Feldman and Corey Haim talk about how they ended up in The Lost Boys
– Multi-Angle Video With Commentary By Corey Haim, Corey Feldman & Jamison Newlander: several scenes get revisited from different angles with commentary
– Corey Haim, Angle 1
– Corey Feldman, Angle 2
– Jamison Newlander, Angle 3
– The Lost Scènes: deleted scenes
– Lost In De Shadow, Music Video By Lou Gramm
– Theatrical Trailer

The Lost Boys is – and will remain – a classic. This Special Edition has completely remastered versions of sound and image and this greatly improves the viewing experience. Something a fan of the movie or the genre should not miss!

Our Score:

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