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Lost Treasure

A museum is robbed and burnt down by criminals. Detective McBride (McLaughlin) and his partner start pursuit and after a ridiculous chase that tries to copy the comedy of Lethal Weapon, the criminals transporting the goods get caught. Inside one of the stolen paintings, a map is found and McBride gets assigned by his angry boss (McBride has a tendancy to crash cars) to find out what it is.

That’s where McBride’s brother Bryan (Baldwin) comes in. Bryan is a spy at the department of defense who makes maps and his hobby just happens to be collecting old valuables. Surprise, surprise, the map contains the whereabouts of a lost treasure of Spanish gold that was brought over by Christopher Columbus centuries ago. Before the two brothers can get going, Carl gets kidnapped by the leader of the criminal gang who apparantly was only interested in this map and takes him along to an island where the gold is supposed to be found.

Bryan isn’t too happy at all, but since he’s making more than enough money with his defense job, he travels after Carl and rents a plane to take him to the same island where he’ll rescue his brother, defeat the bad guys, survive a tsunami, have a romantic affair and find the gold. Oh, and did I mention that there’s a comical side-kick present in the form of a fat black man? And to make things complete, there’s also Jerry Doyle who we all know as Mr. Garibaldi from Babylon5 and who gets to play a corrupt cop that just happens to be able to fly helicopters.

One thing that does intrigue me about this movie is the scenes with the aircraft carrier. We get several of them but we never get any explanation about how they fit into the movie.

Sound and Vision:
Well, the image and sound are decent. No compression errors, the overall image contains some scenes that are a bit too soft but nothing that really bothers. The 5.1 track manages to create an atmospheric sound but doesn’t help in making this movie any better.


Well, one thing that’s positive about this disk is that there weren’t any extras I had to check out. This is definitely one of the worst movies I’ve seen lately and I’m really feeling sad for Stephen Baldwin that he has to accept roles in such movies as this one these days. He deserves better

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