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Love, Actually

Love, Actually couples about 10 different stories to each other, each brining another aspect of love forward. The last 5 weeks before Christmas 2003 are shown through the eyes of several different characters, some who know each other, other that have absolutely nothing to do with each other. However, they all end up at Heathrow Airport in the end.

Billy Mack (Bill Nighy) is a rocker who wants to keep the boysband “Blue” with a christmas version of “Love Is All Around” at the number one spot in the charts. Writer Jamie Bennett (Colin Firth) finds out his girlfriend is having an affair with another man and goes to Marseille where he falls in love with his maid Aurelia (Lúcia Moniz). Daniel (Liam Neeson) has just lost his wife and will only go back into a new relationship if Claudia Schiffer would ask him. Daniels vriend Karen (Emma Thompson) is stuck in a marriage with the boring director Harry (Alan Rickman) who’s being seduced by his secretary Mia (Heike Makatsch). Sarah (Laura Linney) would love to get something going with her colleague Karl (Rodrigo Santoro) but she has to take care of Michael (Michael Fitzgerald), her brother. David (Hugh Grant) is the new prime minister of England who openly tells the public that he doesn’t want to be the next pet of the United States while the US president (Billy Bob Thornton) is next to him. However, he’s seen the president fool around with and intern, Natalie (Martine McCutcheon), with whom he himself would like to fool around.

And like this there’s several other stories in the movie.

Sound and Vision:
Next to some sporadic aliasing the quality is rather good. Bright colors, good shadow depth and contrast, and very sharp image are positive points here.

This movie is mostly dialogue-driven so the soundtrack doesn’t need to be pushed to the limits to have adequate sound and the 5.1 track succeeds pretty good in its goal. Don’t expect any special effects, lots of surround action nor subwoofer giving in extra bass though as they’re hardly used.

10 deleted scenes with intro by director/writer Richard Curtis and an audio commentary track with Richard Curtis, Hugh Grant, Bill Nighy and Thomas Sangster start off the extras. “The Story Tellers” is a short featurette with some interview fragments with main cast & crew. Then we have a video clip of Billy Mack’s single “Christmas Is All Around”, 5 movie fragments with some extra explanation by Richard Curtis, and last up are a couple of trailers.

It looks like you’re either for Love, Actually or against it. I’ve spoken with a couple of people who’ve seen the movie and the opinions are really diverse. Some like it, some find it boring as hell. Therefore I suggest you definitely rent it before considering purchase. Technically things are pretty alright and although the extras aren’t much, they’re a nice addition

Our Score:

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