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Lucky Number Slevin

Slevin visits his friend Nick in New York but after getting robbed and meeting Nick’s neighbour Lindsey in Nick’s deserted appartment, he gets taken to The Boss by a couple of hoodlums. The Boss mistakenly takes him for Nick and Slevin now sees him caught in a web of intrigue and in the middle of a battle between two mob bosses.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is very good without any compression errors, good amount of detail and overall everything looks sharp. Nothing specifically bad to say here.

The same goes for the soundtrack that uses all channels as necessary and gets supported by some subtle use from the subwoofer.

– Interviews with cast & director
– B-Roll
– Deleted Scenes

Lucky Number Slevin has that typical atmosphere you expect from British gangster movies where things aren’t as they seem. The cast do an excellent job without anyone standing out from the rest and although after some time you start to know what is going to happen, the movie does manage to keep you interested throughout the whole experience.

Universal brings us Lucky Number Slevin with good image and sound quality and a couple of extras that can please the fans. All in all a good package but of course it’s the movie that takes all the credit. If you’re looking for a top movie to get this holiday season, Lucky Number Slevin is the one to have.

Our Score:

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