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Machinist, The

Trevor Reznik has a problem. Since about a year, he’s been suffering from an extreme form of insomnia and it’s even had its effect on his body as he’s so thin that he looks like a victim of a nazi concentration camp. When he gets involved in an accident in the factory he works, things turn for the worse. His colleagues start acting very strange and it even looks like everyone is conspiring against him. And who is this Ivan dude that he constantly sees hanging around in his red Pontiac Firebird but nobody else knows?

Sound and Vision:
The contrast in The Machinist is intentionally waaay off so that the scenes including Trevor look like to be shot in black and white with some colors added later on. This adds enormously to the tense atmosphere and the feeling that something’s wrong. For the rest there’s nothing to complain. We didn’t spot any compression errors and the overall image nicely creates a very disturbing atmosphere to goes along perfectly with the movie.

The sound comes in Dolby Digital 5.1 and also DTS 5.1. This movie doesn’t have many special effects on the sound level so don’t expect bullets flying around your head or anything, but the track does add well to the atmosphere.

The Special Edition version contains an audio commentary track, a Making Of, Deleted Scenes a B-Roll and promo material. The standard version (which we checked out) comes only with an audio commentary track and some trailers

The Machinist is directed by Brad Anderson who’s mostly known from TV series like The Shield, The Wire and Surface but with this movie he prooves that the big screen doesn’t hold any secrets from him either. Of course, the big star of his movie is Christian Bale who stopped working for two years after Equilibrium and comes back in the form of a completely deteriorated person who’s mental health is suffering from his physical appearance (or is it the way around? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out ;p) and does a magnificent job. If there’s one movie you just have to see at the moment, it’s without a doubt The Machinist! Great acting, fantastic plot and an incredibly good setup that grabs you by the throat from the very first second and won’t let go until the last minute has passed. Get it! Now!

Our Score:

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