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Mad Max

The future of Australia doesn’t look good. Motorcycle gangs rule the highways and police officers often have to “bend the rules” to be able to stay alive even. “Mad” Max (Mel Gibson) is one of those policemen and when he accidentally kills a gang member, his partner Goose gets murdered by the gang of the Toecutter. Max decides to quit the police force and go on a trip with his wife and child. However, when they meet the gang of the insance Toecutter and Max’ family gets slaughtered, he’s out for revenge.

Mad Max is a low budget movie shot completely in Australia and while this movie was the liftoff to Gibson’s acting career, it certainly wasn’t for the rest of the actors who do their job miserable. Still, the simple story and loads of action make it a very enjoyable B-movie.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is pretty good for a 22 year old movie and not what you would expect. Still, aliasing and some flaws in the form of white and black spots sometimes come to ruin the fun.

Sadly, the sound is in Dolby 1.0 which is hardly of this time. When you choose your soundtrack, take the Australian one. Apparantly, Warner was afraid that the US audience in that time wouldn’t appreciate the Australian accent and had it completely resynchronised with American accents. This resynchronisation is worse than you can imaging as it sound like some old kung-fu movie and when listening to the Australian track you will wonder why in heaven’s name they decided to ever make this stupid English track.


Don’t expect a high quality movie, but if you’re in for some blunt action and want to know what movie started off Gibson’s career, then you’re in for a treat 🙂

Our Score:

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