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Clark Stevens is a med student who can start an internship at Cunningham Hall, an institute for mentally unstable people. He quickly gets to know the staff and gets along pretty good with Sara, a young woman who did her internship in Cunningham Hall the year before and got a fulltime job there now. While wandering around, Clark sometimes sees a little boy running around, but he never manages to catch up with him. It becomes clear to him that strange things are happening at the institute and when he goes out to investigate. When some of the staff are getting killed, time starts to run out and it seems that the only man who knows the identity of the killer is Ben, a mentally disturbed man who is locked up in the cellar. However, according to the institute documents, Ben has died several years ago…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is decent without compression errors or edge enhancement. There are quite some dark scenes but the level of detail remains good at all times and the same can be said about the depth of black and sharpness of the overall image.

The 5.1 track adds some atmosphere to the movie but the surround speakers and subwoofer never really come into action.


Madhouse is a decent thriller but nothing more. The storyline is above average for a B-movie but the special effects do ruin the fun a bit as they look cheap and out of place at times. On the technical side, Paradiso has done a good job with the transfer but some extra’s would not have hurt. (we don’t call trailers an “extra”). If you’re looking for a thriller to rent on a Saturday night, Madhouse is probably a decent choice.

Our Score:

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