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Man Apart, A

Vin Diesel is Sean Vetter, an undercover narcotics cop who’s been working for years to get his hands on “Memo” Lucero, one of the biggest drug crime lords. While Vetter and his team are partying, another crime lord who goes by the name of “Diablo” steps up and starts taking over the business that used to be Lucero’s. Bodies are falling all over and whoever doesn’t want to work with Diablo gets killed very bloody. Vetter starts to realise what’s going on when one night his house gets raided and his wife killed by one of the shooters. Outraged and griefened by his loss, Vetter goes on a crusade to find this “diable” and will do whatever it takes to get him, even if it means he’ll have to get information from Lucero

Sound and Vision:
The colors are quite matte and saturated and there’s also loads of dark in the movie. Tge director used several different color palettes (mostly red, blue and black) depending on the situation which adds to the atmosphere. Compression errors and edge enhancement are down to a minimum. Overall the image quality is pretty good.

All channels are aggressively used, the front speakers have very good stereo spreading while the dialogues are perfectly positioned at the center speaker. The subwoofer also get more than its piece of the action. We can’t say anything but that the sound is very impressive

Before the movie you get to see trailers of Kill Bill, Freddy vs. Jason & Ripley’s Game. There’s 7 deleted scenes aswell as the theatrical trailer to be seen in the “extra’s” menu. Nothing really special.

Although the storyline of A Man Apart is extremely cliché, F. Gary Gray managed to create a very entertaining movie with a lot of tention and action. The way certain scenes are portrayed is just brilliant and definitely worth taking a look. The soundtrack works nicely together with the movie and the effects are very impressive. This dvd is definitely worth checking out.

Our Score:

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