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Man of the Year

Tom Dobbs is a very popular talk show host who constantly makes jokes about politics and politicians. One evening, just before the show starts, someone in the audience asks why he doesn’t run for president himself. When he mentions this on the air, he receives millions of emails from people who actually support it if he were to run for president. Overwhelmed by the support, Dobbs decides to do it despite the fact that nobody gives him a chance. But that’s without counting the little software bug that’s present in the new election software that should make voting easier & faster…

Sound and Vision:
The image is sharp and has more than enough detail. Nothing to complain in this department actually as the colors are very natural and everything just looks good.

Movies like these are usually dialogue-driven and this one isn’t an exception to that. However, the DTS track does get to show its stuff as there’s plenty of supporting music present that creates an overwhelming atmosphere. Great stuff.


Man of the Year is a decent comedy with a nice plot and everything you expect from this type of movie. However, there’s one thing that makes this movie shine and that “thing” comes with the name “Robin Williams”. Believe it or not but Williams is on a roll again and especially the part where he goes touring around the country for his campaign is just magnificent. It’s been since “Good Morning Vietnam” that we’ve seen him act like this. Terrific!

Anyone looking for a funny comedy (a lot of things are funny because they’re true!) should definitely check this one out.

Our Score:

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