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Man on Fire

Nick Creasy (Washington) is a former CIA agent who’s seen and done so much that he hardly can live with it and therefore seeks redemption in drinking. Rayburn, a former colleague and friend of his, gives him the opportunity to start working as a bodyguard in Mexico. Although not really interested at first, Creasy does decide to take on the job of watching over little Pita, the daughter of a rich Mexican who’s married with an American woman. As time goes by, Pita and Creasy start developing a tight friendship and slowly but steadily, Nick starts to enjoy life a bit again.

But one day, things go bad… very bad. A couple of crooked cops try to kidnap Pita and although he manages to shoot several of them down, he gets shot himself and can’t prevent of the little girl being taken. While he’s in the hospital, recovering, the local police are trying to set up a deal with the kidnappers but the dropoff goes bad and Pita gets killed. When Creasy hears of this, his world collapses again and although still very injured he decides that everyone involved in the kidnapping will pay the price for what they’ve done.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is excellent. Although Tony Scott has again shot everything in such a way that you might think the camera man was having an epyleptic attack, the technical quality is impeccable. Good vibrant colors, nice contrast, lots of detail, and no compression errors.

The soundtrack is quite nice as well. We’ve checked out the DTS track and that’s vey atmospheric with good spatial spreading and support from the subwoofer, while the front and surround speakers do their job well and the dialogues are at all times clear and understandable.

– Audio Commentary by Tony Scott
– Deleted scenes
– Behind-the-scenes of Hide&Seek

Far from interesting…

I was nicely surprised by Man on Fire. I had expected a straight forward revenge movie with an unbeatable hero, but although there are some over-the-top scenes, Denzel Washington does manage to portray the troubled Creasy perfectly. On the movie side, the only downpoint for me was the epyleptic filming of Tony Scott. One should really tell Mr. Scott that this way of filming is nice, but not if you do it all the time… Fox has released two different editions, this one and a Special 2-disc edition. People who’re only interested in the movie can grab this disc but then you really don’t have to expect anything interesting except for the movie

Our Score:

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