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Man, The

When his partner gets found dead, and a ton of weapons are missing, detective Derrick Vann get accused by Internal Affairs to have something to do with it. Vann doesn’t like the position he’s put in and decides to start investigating the matter himself. Quickly he finds out who’s behind the theft and murder and goes undercover to set up a deal with the criminals in order to bust them. However, the first meeting goes terribly wrong when the criminals mistake just-arrived dental salesman Andy Fiddler as the man they are negotiating with. Vann has no choice other than to partner up with the ever-chatty Fiddler…

Sound and Vision:
The image suffers from some compression errors and major aliasing in certain scenes although the amount of detail as well as the contrast and the rest of the image quality are quite decent. Really unfortunate that Paradiso didn’t do a better job at this.

The sound comes with a very ambient DTS track that nicely uses all channels actively which results in a very atmospheric track.

– Alternative Ending
– Bloopers
– Sam Jackson’s guide to Cursing
– Who’s the Man?
– Making an Action Scene
– The Ride: a look at the ’83 Cadillac
– Trailer

The Man starrs Samuel Jackson who has to partner up with Eugene Levy who has to make for the comic sidekick. Although Levy did a terrific job as the “dad” in American Pie, his role there was nothing more than a small part and it’s clear that having a lead role isn’t his thing. The comedy is very scarse and very repetitive and the best joke in the whole movie is about a fart. Just to give an impression of the level of humour. Paradiso must have realised this isn’t such a fantastic movie as the deliver it in a pretty standard package with mediocre image quality although they did add a nice DTS soundtrack. All in all, The Man is a movie you may want to rent someday when you’re really bored, but don’t expect too much as it’s very uninspired

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