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Man-Thing SE

Kyle Williams (Matthew Le Nevez) is the new sheriff of a small town called Bywater in Florida. Right after his arrival, it becomes clear to him that there are strangs things happening. The previous sheriff disappeared, and bodies start turning up everywhere. Together with the local teacher, Teri (Rachael Taylor), Kyle starts investigating the matter and it looks like an oil rig may have caused the spirits of the indians to become pretty angry.

Sound and Vision:
The overall quality is very good with sharp image, a decently modified color balance, and good amount of detail. There’s some edge enhancement and film grain present along with some minor compression errors, but nothing that spoils the fun too much.

The soundtrack is very aggressive with good use of all available channels.

– VFX Pre-Visualisation: computer animations of a couple of scenes
– Turbulance / Swarm Tests: two scenes of which you can check out the finished computer animation
– Building Scene: three scenes that get shown in different stages of production
– Bloopers
– Storyboards
– Concept Art
– Deleted Scenes
– Liner Notes
– Photo Gallery
– Trailer
– Also/Soon Available

A ton of titles for actually rather boring extras that don’t add much to the overall dvd. Still, with this movie you wouldn’t be interested in too much extras

Man-Thing is based on the 1971 Marvel comic and the fact that ever since, it hasn’t been re-released or no spin-offs have been made, you should have some idea of what to expect already. Although Marvel comics are turned into a lot of big pictures lately (Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four), Man-Thing is a straight-to-video release that doesn’t even come close to the other movies. The storyline is weak with plot twists that even current B-horror movies tend to avoid while the acting itself reminds me of B-movies from the ’70s. Dutch Filmworks has released Man Thing as a steelbook special edition but one can wonder why. There’s nothing in this movie that might actually justify it being released as anything but a very low budget dvd. Technically things are quite ok though.

Our Score:

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