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March of the Pengiuns SE

In this documentary we follow the footsteps of the Emperor Penguins for almost a year. We start off when the whole colony starts its journey towards the South Pole to the place where they mate, see them do the act of “love”, watch them protect their egg until a small penguin gets born and take care of the little one until it’s big enough to stand on its own feet after which they leave it alone.

Sound and Vision:
The image constantly contains grain which results in less detail but this is due to the fact that everything was recorded on Digital Video and 16mm film. Also compression errors are present but luckily not too disturbing. Compared to other documentaries, we’ve seen better image quality.

The sound is decent for a documentary but don’t expect too much. It’s not like you’re watching a big budget movie that has effects coming to you from all sides.

– Official Trailer
– Trailers of Howl’s Moving Castle, The Cat Returns,
Spirited Away
– The Penguins and the People: B-Roll that shows how the crew made their documentary
– Interview with Director Luc Jacquet: the director talks about the movie and doesn’t really care much about the questions that are posed
– Making Off: again a B-Roll that looks a lot like “The Penguins and The People”
– Music and Sounds – Emilie Simon: video where the musician talks about how she made the music and cooperation with the crew
– The Antarctica Spring Express: Mini-version of the movie but instead of the Emperor Penguins, the crew follows a smaller version now.

March of the Penguins is a great documentary that sadly enough gets a couple of negative points on DVD. First up is the commentary track which over here is done by Urbanus (comedian) who doesn’t really fit for this type of movie. Secondly, the music doesn’t really add much to the atmosphere and we wonder why Paradiso didn’t just include the commentary and music that’s present on the US version. Last up, the image quality isn’t what you would expect from a big budget title. After all, we have four hours to watch and looking at mediocre image isn’t always fun. The positive news is that the extras are quite interesting to see and strangely enough, they’ve got better image quality than the main feature!

All in all, lovers of documentaries will certainly like this one even though we get a rather poor technical treatment.

Our Score:

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