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Mario Kart DS

Good news for the Mario Kart-fans with a Nintendo DS! This super cool and crazy race game is now also available on two screens. Out of my way!

Who is used to play Mario Kart Double Dash on the Gamecube, will need some adaptation to the fact that you’re all alone in your flashy kart. Steering and making the other’s life miserable by throwing all kinds of stuff their way. Nothing funnier than dropping a banana peel when an angry Wario is sticking to your but or throwing a shield and then winning the race. The other objects like bombs, mushrooms, stars and lightning flashes are present again. But there are also some new ones like Bullet Bill (a bullet that takes you forward and hits the other karts on its way), Boo Hoo (Boo steals an object from someone else) and Blooper (a squid that spouts its ink on your windshield so that you temporarly don’t see much).

You want to race, well, you’ll race! There are not only three classes -50cc, 100cc and 150cc- but moreover, every class consists of eight cups. Four of them are especially developed for this game, although sometimes there are a lot of similarities with earlier courses. The other four are retro and could be admired in the GC, GBA, SNES or N64 version of Mario Kart. As you may have noticed: there are a lot of cups! But to be honest, the experienced Mario Kart gamer races his or her way through in no time.

Do you have the feeling that no one can ever beat you? That you are simply the best? Then prove it in the Time Trial. Put down your best time and challenge your friends to break it. Who’s tired of racing around with only one goal – reaching the finish – can always try the Mission Run. Tasks can vary from destroying object boxes to racing through numbered arcs within the time or collecting all the coins.

But what makes it really worth checking out, is the multiplayer mode of course! As usual, you can play against a mate in download play, but if you have wireless internet, you can also test the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. You can choose to race continental or worldwide and I have to admit it’s darn fun to wipe the floor with Asians or Americans. Show them all you’ve got, so they get to know the Europeans a little better!

Of course, you want to use the internet to race against your friends and the makers kept that in mind. With the unique code you can register another Mario Kart DS player and put him or her in your friends list. Furthermore, you can lock certain data to make sure you don’t accidentally delete them. If you and your friend have both locked each others data and you both choose to race against friends by using the internet, the chance of you two bumping into each other will grow. Just so you know.

Mario Kart DS is like always a lot of crazy fun, but if you don’t have any friends with a DS or you don’t have wireless internet, the game is over soon. The missions you have to accomplish bring some variation, but without any doubt, the strength of the game lies in the multiplayer mode!

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