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Mario Party 9

The surprise factor of the latest Mario Party, number nine, would always have been limited. The long-going series of mini-games is a perfect match with the family console the Wii (sometimes unfortunately) has always remained, but that the innovation is limited to a new bit of paint and some small improvements is a bit of a disappointment.

The goal is still collecting stars by finishing the board game on which many mini-games are spread out. A big difference with before is that everyone now sits together in one vehicle and advances together. Everyone on turn takes the lead and grabs the fruit of that, or faces the consequences.

Those who are a bit older or very competitive will have it difficult. Luck is a very important factor. Especially seeing the fact that some squares can completely overthrow the scores without you being able to do much about it. This chaos, however, nicely fits that concept and delivers the necessary hilarity where necessary. Ordinary squares give or substract points, advance you and they’re also the starting points of the mini-games.

The mini-games come in huge variety, ranging from quiet missions like memory games and other puzzles, to more active ones like races in all kinds of vehicles, running, and agility tracks, things where you need to jump through hoops on your dolphin or need to catch them from a pool. And of course plenty of games in which you need to kick, push or shoot opponents. The Wii remote always gets used in diverse and fun ways and at times someone needs to take on one of the other players so that there’s always something new to experience.

Also exciting and fun are the boss fights. Here the point is always to beat the boss, but also have eyes on your back to evade your opponents or get rid of them yourself. Always a guarantee for the necessary competition and with four in the seat this adds a ton of fun!

By playing a lot, you gain a lot of points with which you can unlock tons of things. Only too bad that Nintendo has decided to lock certain things until you’ve completely finished the boring campaign on your own. Strange, as we wonder who they thought would like that idea? For sure this isn’t a game you play by yourself, unless you’re one of the younger gamers amongst us.

This Mario Party 9 is what the title says. Little new under the sun in party land, but a game that’s perfect if you want to have some fun with friends one night. That you first have to go through the singleplayer campaign is a downer, but the visual appearance as well as the goofy atmosphere make up for that. If you’re not fed up with mini-games yet, you can certainly add this one to your collection.

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