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Mario Party DS

Mario and those other characters are back in a game that wants to make classic family games relive again, but in a virtual form. Mario, friends and enemies are trapped by Bowser who shrinks everyone and throws them out. Of course they can’t let this be done and go back to Bowser’s castle. Along the way the group has to solve a couple of problems created by other bad guys.

So far for the background story. With each part of the route a game board is opened after which the battle can begin. The winner is (s)he who collects most stars and then defeats the end boss. That way you go from board to board until the entire group ends up at Bowser’s castly. There four characters will play against each other as it would happen with a classic board game. First the dice are thrown to determine who starts and then everyone gets their turn.

Depending where the character arrives he gets money or loses some. These coins are important as each star costs money. A star is always randomly put on the board and when someone buys one another reappears. There’s also a number of special squares like that of Bowser. He then quickly appears in the game to take away some coins or even a star. The player that’s losing most will be able to turn Bowser’s wheel after a certain number of turns which results in a certain bonus for that person.

Once everyone has played a round has passed and a fight starts where the winner(s) get some additional coins. Depending on the squares everyone is it’s all for themselves, two against two or even all against one. With the latter the player that has to take on everyone by himself does get some additional advantages so the odds are a bit more equal. The fights themselves are done through a randomly chosen minigame.

Mario Party DS contains a ton of varied minigames and they’re even quite fun. Some are only played with the buttons, others with the styles, and for some you only need the mic. If this one doesn’t work all too well on your DS you can make sure these aren’t picked for you, just like you can also make sure not to get the most difficult ones. The games use a variety of skills; sometimes luck is all you need but other times you’ll need speed or good reflexes.

This isa fun game as long as you can play with friends as the AI is quite predictable, not always equally smart and never manages to beat the end boss (which reload that game board). The story is hardly meaningful enough to make the single player experience fun and the small amount of boards – which look too much alike – can make the game be over before you know it.

There are also some additional extras. Next to the minigames mode you can also check out some puzzles from the Mario Party series, with or without friends, and some game types that are only used for multiplayer.

A typical Mario game. If you love Mario and his friends and like multiplayer then this one is certainly something for you. Otherwise it certainly won’t be able to keep your interest.

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