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Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Capcom brings 2D fighting back to the real world with PS2 titles such as this one. Storyline ? Background ? Fighting is all it’s about. It’s Street Fighter revisited.

It’s been quite a long time since 2D fighters ruled the world, and games like Virtua Fighter, Dead or Alive and Tekken have taken over the fighting genre with their impressive 3D graphics. Still, none of these games have some of the impressive features which used to make titles like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat so popular.

Instead of special moves that blow you from your feet, games like Virtua Fighter rather focus on graphics and tactics and try to impressionate real martial arts. It seemed as the world of imaginationary fighting and “Finishing Moves” had gone away.

Not for Capcom though as they persist in the evil of 2D fighting with loads of characters who have special moves which no human could ever dream of doing in real life.

Here’s where Marvel vs. Capcom 2 comes in.

Next to the known Capcom heroes from games like Street Fighter, you get to play with your favorite superheroes such as The Hulk, Cyclops, Cable or even Spiderman. All with their own special features of course.

Special moves is where MvC 2 really shines. Each character has several of them and you can practice against the CPU to perfect them to learn that combo which will almost instantly kill your opponent.

There’s several modes available including multiplayer where you can play against a friend. Still, the main idea is always the same : kick butt and defeat your opponent.

Where MvC2 differs from games like Tekken or Virtua Fighter is that you don’t just play with 1 character. Much like in Tekken Tag Tournament, you choose a couple of character (3 in total) which you can switch while fighting. If you’re doing well enough, you can even do combo’s where up to all three characters suddenly appear and start kicking ass. Quite impressive.

However, we now come to the downsides of the game and there’s enough of them too to bother you.

The background graphics are pretty good, but the way the characters are drawn is just plain ugly. It even makes me think of the days of the Commodore64.

The same goes for the sound. It seems Capcom’s music department hasn’t evolved with the rest of the world as their soundtracks still come from the early 90’s.

Overall, Capcom’s try to combine 2 great universes has two sides. First of all it’s great to see some creative fighting again on a console and being able to use the special powers the superheroes of Marvel have is an added bonus. The second side, however, is that Capcom should have put more effort in this title rather than making a bad crossover from the original Dreamcast version.

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