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Master & Commander: The Far Side of the World

Russel Crowe is Captain Jack Aubrey of the H.M.S Surprise who commands his men with discipline and respect. Only the British fleet is keeping Napoleon from total reign over Europe and Aubrey gets the order to intercept the Acheron, the flag ship of the French fleet. He will need to push himself, his crew and his ship to their limits to succeed in his mission…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality suffers from grain and loss of detail due to the high amount of dark scenes and Weir’s style makes that the colors aren’t always as bright as they should be. Still, the overall quality is decent with good sharp image and contrast.

The soundtrack is almost perfect. The cannons will thunder through your living room during the battles and the surround channels are aggressively used while the subwoofer will accompany everything with a fat portion of bass. The dialogues are crystal clear and nicely positioned at the front center speaker. Really a track you can use to demonstrate your home cinema system.

A couple of trailers before the movie (which acts rather harrassing instead of interesting) and one special feature: a short look behind the scenes of “I, Robot” which is quite interesting although a bit on the promotional side. All other extras are located on the second disk of the Special Edition so we can’t say anything about those as we’ve checked out the 1-disc version.

Master and Commander sometimes slows down to the speed of a turtle on land but that doesn’t stop it from being quite interesting to watch. Russell Crowe acts pretty good and so does the rest of the crew but some more in-depth storyline would have been nice as at the moment it’s quite thin with only the chase after the French ship bringing in some of the action. The relationship between Aubrey and the doctor is nicely portrayed but does look a little out of place in the movie. Technically things are A-OK on the sound level but the way Weir shot the movie does cause a big loss of detail in a lot of scenes which is too bad

Our Score:

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