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Matador, The

Julian Noble is a hitman who works for corporate customers. He loves his job and is considered one of the best in his business. The day of his birthday, he ends up at the bar of his hotel in Mexico where he meets Danny Wright, a businessman who’s life hasn’t been going too great lately. Julian immediately bombards Danny as his best friend and takes him out to see a bullfight where he tells Danny about his profession. Danny doesn’t seem to mind too much but when Julian asks Danny to help him with his next job, things go a bit too far for Danny…

Sound and Vision:
The image contains a very small amount of compression errors but you really have to be on the lookout to find them which is good. The colors are extremely bright (especially the different settings in Mexico) which nicely adds to the feeling of the movie. There’s plenty of detail and also the contrast is nicely set while the overall image is pretty sharp.

The soundtrack is one of the most ambient 5.1 track I’ve heard in some time. While the music adds to the atmosphere through the surround speakers, the subwoofer gets a ton of action during explosions. Truly well-done!


Pierce Brosnan is trying to get rid of his James Bond image and The Matador is a step in the right direction. We get a movie that doesn’t really stand out of the crowd but it’s very amusing and well crafted. The acting is solid (with a slight amount of over-acting on Brosnan’s part but it doesn’t bother at all) and the comedy isn’t too burlesque. Paradiso delivers a nice package with good image and sound quality but they didn’t include any extras. All in all a perfect movie for a dreery Friday or Saturday evening

Our Score:

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