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Matchstick Men

Roy (Nicolas Cage) and Frank (Sam Rockwell) are major conmen who are at the top of their career. Roy has a problem however; his personal life isn’t going too well and he’s got compulsive behaviour so he decides to look for help and turns to a psychiater. While in therapy he discovers he’s got a 14-year old daughter. He starts to get fatherly feelings and becomes even overprotective towards Angela (Alison Lohman). However, Angela isn’t in need of an overprotective father and when she gets to know some of his con tricks, she wants to join up with her father and Frank to become a partner in crime. Something Roy isn’t all too happy about…

Sound and Vision:
We’re used to getting good image from Warner and with this rather new movie we aren’t disappointed. Warm colors, sharp image, good contrast, no compression errors… we can’t complain.

The soundtrack has most emphasis on the front channels and the center speaker for dialogues which are very clear and understandable. Surround channels and subwoofer are unfortunately hardly used.

We start off with an audio commentary track by director Ridley Scott, writer Nicholas Griffin and producer Ted Griffin. Then we get a Making Of which is divided into three parts of each half an hour, covering pre-production, the shooting and post-production. Very informative and a nice watch. Last up there’s the obligatory trailer.

Matchstick Men is a decent movie that’s definitely worth checking out. The extras are not much in volume but rather good in quality. Technically there’s nothing bad to say, just too bad the surrounds aren’t used a lot.

Our Score:

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