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Matrix & Matrix Revisited, The

I doubt anyone out there still needs to know what this movie is all about. Next to the overdose of special effects, great sunglassess and violence all around, The Matrix was a pure hit and set new standards for the movie industry.

Thomas Anderson (Keannu Reeves) is a computer programmer who leads a double life. During day time he’s a nice nerd who does programming for a big company, but during night time he transforms to Neo, a hacker who’s looking for the ultimate hack. When he gets contacted by a woman called Trinity (Carrie-Ann Moss) and finally meets Morpheus (Laurence Fishburn) his world flips upside down. Apparantly, the world we all know is nothing more than a program called “The Matrix” which is created by robots that rule the real world. Reeves joins the ranks of Morpheus and starts battling to free humanity from the robot slavery.

Sound and Vision:
Well, we can only say that with a top DVD, a top soundtrack and image quality are imperative and that’s exactly what is the case here. The Dolby Digital 5.1 sound is extremely well and so is the anamorphic widescreen image.

The Martix Revisited is an extra DVD filled with loads of goodies. In a 2,5 hour documentary you get to know the how, when and where of The Matrix. Next to that there’s exclusive behind the scenes footage and images of the animated version (Animatrix). That’s not all as also footage on the shooting of the sequel is added along with fans talking about their vision on The Matrix. Finally there’s a bunch of scenes which get completely disected so that you can see how some of the action is created.

Easter eggs are also present on the DVD, like a jukebox with some of the films’ music and lengthy discussions about scenes like “The Woman in Red”, “Agent Down” and “Chase in the Alley”.

Of course the usual stuff is also present : trailers, making of special effects and interviews with cast (Keannu Reeves, Laurence Fishburn, Carrie-Ann Moss, …), directors (Wachowski brothers) and producer (Joel Silver).

If you haven’t got The Matrix yet on DVD the bundle is defenitely worth buying. The Matrix Revisited alone is a nice treat but I wouldn’t buy it as a sole product. And now we wait for Matrix 2 & 3.

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