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Matrix Reloaded, The

Zion is in trouble. Thousands of Sentinels are digging their way through the earth with huge drills to get to the city to get rid of mankinds last city and the last bastion of resistance to destroy it once and for all. Meanwhile, Agent Smith has returned and has been set free by Neo’s actions from the original movie (where he jumps into Agent Smith and takes over his body). He is now capable of duplicating himself onto other agents and his sole goal is to destroy the man who set him free in the Matrix, Neo.

Meanwhile Neo is having terrible nightmares where he sees Trinity getting killed in action. Neo goes to the Oracle for advice and next to some answers, she also gives him riddles to solve. He has to find the keymaker who will give him a key that can give him access to the Matrix’ mainframe where he’ll be able to shut down the Matrix. A race against time has begon.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is just perfect. There’s no compression errors what so ever and the only artefact we get to see are those that the Wachowski brothers put in there themselves. Warner has done a great job by transferring the movie to dvd by using the same 2.40 aspect ratio as was used in the theaters and everything looks fantastic. The colors palette is different depending on whether you’re in the Matrix, the real world or Zion and never will you see that the dvd has any problems. Magnificent!

Same goes for the soundtrack. Warner shows that you don’t need DTS to bring a dynamic experience to your home cinema. The dialogues are sometimes a bit soft so you might want to turn up the volume but the spreading is perfect and the effects really fly around your ears. Also the subwoofer gets his part of the action, especially when you check out the party scene in Zion where the bass just makes your house tremble. One very small remark: Warner didn’t use the highest possible bitrate but only 384Kbit/sec.

The Matrix Reloaded is a 2-disc version and all extras are located on the disk. Let’s start the rundown :
Preload – Behind the Scenes is an extensive behind-the-scenes with interviews which gives quite a bit of information on different aspects of the production. The Matrix Unfolds : a short and not too deep analysis of the Matrix phenomenon and how the storyline is also brought partially by the videogame and anime movies. The Freeway Chase – Making Of : an in-depth look on how this scene was made (it took no less than three months to shoot it). Get Me an Exit : a look at the marketing machine behind the movie. Enter the Matrix – Videogame Making Of : The title says it all, this extensive making of takes a look at how the videogame “Enter the Matrix” was made and how it differs from other games. To finalise there are a trailer for The Animatrix, and an MTV Movie Awards clip where Justin Timberlake and Sean William Scott do a parody on certain Matrix scenes.

Not everyone liked The Matrix Reloaded but it’s got its good and bad points. It’s got more action (like the sequel of Lord of the Rings) but the philosophy starts to sound as rubbish for certain people. Also the cuts between dialogue and action aren’t always as good as they could have been and for the first time in my life I have to say that the action in a movie is slowing down the pace of the storyline. Not a very good evolution I think… Still, I’m a true believer that The Matrix Reloaded is a sequel that will prepare people for part 3 where we’ll get the grand finale. The extras are nice but not overwhelming. Maybe we’ll get to see a special edition coming up ?

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