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Matrix Revolutions, The

In the last part we saw Neo (Keanu Reeves) falling into a coma after stopping the machines just by waving his hand. Neo apparantly was able to get into the Matrix without any devices and thus could stop the machines but as a result of this his mind remained in the Matrix while his body was left in the real world and now he’s trapped in some no man’s land between the real world and The Matrix. Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) go to the oracle to seek for help in getting Neo back. They need to go back to the Nerovinger who apparantly rules this no man’s land and after a short fight they manage to get Neo out and back to the real world. Once there, Neo gets confronted with a world that is in a full-blown war with the machines and there’s only 20 hours before the machines will enter Zion and the final battle begins. Meanwhile, the Matrix itself is slowly but steadily being overrun by Mr.Smith who appears to have the ability to transform anyone into himself.

Sound and Vision:
The transfer is of impecable quality and doesn’t have any problems on any part: contrast, clarity, sharpness, detail, depth, shadow depth, … say it and it’s good. Only problems are some minor edge enhancement and little white dots due to some damage on the source film. However, these are so few that we really can’t complain at all.

The same goes for the soundtrack. Still no DTS but the Dolby Digital 5.1 track is very dynamic with lots of effects coming from the surround channels, aggressive use of the subwoofer and an overall very spacial soundtrack while the dialogues remain crystal clear and well-positioned. A track to demonstrate your home cinema system with.

The first disk contains a couple of trailers so let’s directly go to disk two where the rest of the extras is located.

The Matrix Recalibrated: a documentary on the storyline with also a detailed view on how the biggest scenes were created aswell as how the death of two people affected the process of the movie. CG Revolutions : Extra info on the visual effects aswell as the sets and the machines. Super Burly Brawl: the fight scene between Neo and Mr.Smith with the possibility to switch between storyboards, B-Roll and the actual scene. Operator: 4 featurettes covering the following subjects:
– Neo Realism: a feature on the filming of The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions and the special techniques they created like bullet time
– Super Big Mini Models: more info on the models that have been used to get the movie created
– Double Agent Smith: How the replica’s of Hugo Weaving were created
– Mind over Matter: stunts and fight training of the cast

Future Gamer: The Matrix Online: Promo movie on The Matrix Online game. Before the Revolution: info on how the robots took over Earth, how The Matrix became to exist and how humanity got to fight back, all in text format. 3-D Revolution: concept art, storyboards, stills. DVD-Rom Extra’s

The Matrix Revolutions is the final part in the Matrix trilogy and although we may no be happy that the story has come to an end, many people agree that the spunk has gone out of the trilogy and that the first movie was clearly the best and parts two and three had better not been made. No matter though as they HAVE been made and we can now sit back, relax, and have a full night of Matrix action. Technically everything is more than ok with the quality we’ve gotten used to from Warner and the extras on the second disk are also interesting so our conclusion is: if you like The Matrix, you should definitely get it

Our Score:

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