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Maximo: Ghosts to Glory

You’re Maximo, a good citizen and trusty adventurer. However, your old-time advisor Achille isn’t as nice as you’ve always thought he was. You come home once, finding your kingdom plundered and your girfriend about to be forcefully married with him. You try to stop him but get killed. How’s that for the start of a game ?

Of course, that isn’t all because otherwise there wouldn’t be much to play with, would there ?

Apparantly, the Grim Reaper doesn’t like Achille any more than you do because your old trustee seems to use the spirits of the dead for his own goals to increase his power so dear old Father Dead doesn’t get any new sould to harvest. Therefor he brings you back to life with the mission to defeat Achille, bringing back the dead to where they belong and your girfriend right next to your side again.

Capcom went back to the old-school type of platform game with Maximo and it seems to work out nicely.

The graphics show a “Nightmare before Christmas”-like environment where ghosts, ghouls, skeletons, lava pits and earthquakes make your life miserable. But since you’ve been dead already you know that there isn’t much fun to have on the other side so you do your best to complete your mission.

Maximo starts off with a nice and shiny armour, sword and shield. The shield can be used to block enemy attacks or to be thrown like some kind of boomerang to kill your opponents. With the sword you can do multiple types of attacks uncluding some very nifty special moves like a 360° attack or a ground bashing slash that creates a shockwave that kills all opponents near you. Very nice if you’re outnumbered 🙂

The save-function in Maximo is kinda strange. You have to collect coins by slashing tomb stones (freeing spirits) and if you’ve got enough, you can save your game at a Magic Pool. The coins can also be swapped for some kind of Death Coin which gives you an extra life.

Every once in a while you get into a Boss Tower where you can save a sorceress. In total there are 4 sorceress that can be rescued and each time you can get something from her : a free savegame, get his armour back up to par, or get a kiss. The kiss seems less interesting, but if you get all 4 kissess, a special reward will be given at the end of the game.

Maximo is a very straight-forward platform game with all the old-school platform standards and it works. Maximo has a nice length before ending the game, the graphics are cute but not cuddly and the sound is appropriate for this type of game.

The only minor downpoint is the camera. You can’t center the camera viewpoint on your character while you’re running so if you don’t like the view, you’ll have to stop and that’s not too great if you’re running away from a bunch of ghouls.

All in all, Capcom delivers a great game that although it’s got every cliché in the platform handbook still works out very well.

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