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After taking the worst examinations of my entire life i’m back to kick arse folks. But i’m sorry to say that i can’t kick this games’ ass cause it just whooped mine 🙂

MDK2 picks up the storyline right after the first episode ends. The aliens are beaten and Kurt, Max (gotta love him) and Dr. Hawkins are back in their earth orbiter. But as you all can guess, after the first bottle of champain is cracked, the aliens strike back. (surprise, surprise) Kurt is sent in to fry some more aliens.
This isn’t really an original story but the storyline develops nicely throughout the game (no, i’m not gonna tell).

The first thing a fan of MDK 1 wants to know is offcourse: “is MDK2 better or at least as good as the first one?” Well i can tell you this, MDK2 is a worthy sequel to MDK1.
Although the developer is now bioware (baldur’s gate) instead of the original Shiny Entertainment, the level of originality that was so present in the first part is still there.
From the first level you can smell the influence of shiny (Kurt is standing in the door of the ship, takes one more last breath and then falls from the edge!! Hillarious.)
Another thing that is still in the game, is the games within the game, like the first level, or a level where you are flying in a rocket with Max and have to dodge astroïds like in an 80’s arcade game. Yep i sure love this one.

The gameplay is a little bit changed, you actually have 3 games. The snipe/sneak game with Kurt (the one with the cool costume and the fly parachute). He has to hide and take out his opponents by being smart. A second game type is the brainless shooter mith Max (what do you expect from a cigar-smoking six-legged/armed dog that can hold four guns), the mission here is: SHOOT 2 KILL! A last game type is the adventure with Dr. Hawkins, he has to run around, pick up things and try to make weapons with those items. Overall the gameplay is really various and challenging.

The graphs are licked, nothing to say there except a litthe bug that gives your shadow perspective. The explosions are just, like the say in french, Magnifique!!. On the graphs part this game can compete with the best. Also the special MDK atmosphere has been kept and that’s a plus 🙂

The sound FX are good (the farting aliens are very realistic 🙂 and the music is dynamic. You never get the impression of repetition. The EAX sound makes it all a bit more “spicy” (girlpower!!!!!! 🙂

There is only one negative point I can think of, when u are sniping with Kurt and u want to hit a high target, u can’t always hit it because Kurt can’t look up completely vertical. But if you can’t live with that, then go play some tetris or something.

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