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Meet the Fockers

After Greg Focker (Stiller) got into the “circle of trust” in Meet The Parents, all things seem to be going great with him and his beloved Pam. His relationship with Pam’s father, former CIA agent Jack Byrnes, may never be fantastic, but they do get along and nothing seems to be in the way for the wedding anymore. At least, that’s what you would think… There’s one thing that still needs to be done: The Byrnes’ need to meet the Fockers and the clash between both families may well jeopardise the entire wedding!

Sound and Vision:
There’s some minor edge enhancement present but other than that, this dvd has better image quality than its predecessor. Sharp image, lots of detail and vivd colors without compression errors.

The dialogues are at all times clear and understandable and that’s what counts with a comedy. Don’t expect much else from the 5.1 track as there aren’t many special effects that need sound flying around your ears.

– Audio commentary track with director Jay Roach and producer Jon Poll
– Additional scenes and bloopers
– Interviews with cast&crew
– Focker’s family portrait
– The Manary Gland
– The Adventures of Baby Wrangler
– Behind the scenes with Jinx the cat

Except for the additional scenes and bloopers, the extras are nice but nothing really special. Forced comedy isn’t really funny…

Ok, could someone please kill Ben Stiller for me? Thank you ! Meet the Parents was one of the last movies where I actually could laugh with Stiller and therefore I was really looking forward to Meet the Fockers. However, the sequel is hardly as good as the original. The jokes are quite the same, and those that are new are far from funny (can someone actually laugh about old people having sex ?). Streisand and Hofmann have been added to the cast and should bring some new life into the movie, but Hofmann is clearly not able to play the “dad full of sexual energy” and at times looks just pathetic. I would lie if I said I didn’t laugh at all though. There are three scenes that brought a smile on my face so things could have been worse.

On the technical side we can only applaud Universal who again have released a very nice dvd with excellent image and sound and completed the whole package with some nice extras that many people will like (although they don’t really add much value for those that want to know how a movie is made)

Our Score:

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