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Meet the Parents SE

Greg Focker (Ben Stiller) is in love with his girlfriend Pam and wants to ask her to marry him. However, the moment he wants to do that, Pam gets a phonecall from her sister. During the call, it becomes clear to Greg that it’s better to first ask Pam’s dad for the hand of his daughter so he decides to wait a little before asking her. During the weekend, the couple goes to Pam’s parents as Pam’s sister will be getting married soon and a lot needs to be prepared. This looks like the ideal moment for Greg to make a good impression with Pam’s dad, Jack Byrnes, but whatever he tries to do to make himself look good, Jack clearly seems to disapprove of him. In fact, the more Greg tries, the more Jack starts to dislike him. And when Greg accidentally gets rid of Jack’s cat, things are really getting out of hand…

Sound and Vision:
This special edition has a more sharp and colorful image so it’s clear Universal has taken more time to clean up the image of the original source material. There’s plenty of detail and depth while compression errors are down to a minimum.

This is a comedy so as usual, the 5.1 track has most focus on the front speakers. The dialogues are clear and understandable while perfectly coming from the front center. The surround channels are hardly used, much like the subwoofer.

– Audio commentary by director Jay Roach and editor Jon Poll.
– All New Out-takes: bloopers that weren’t on the original release.
– Outtakes: bloopers that were also present on the original dvd release.
– De Niro Unplugged: De Niro who performs “Love is in the Air” live. He’s an awful singer…
– The Truth About Lying: a feature on the lie detector aswell as a comparison between reality and the lie detector scene in the movie.
– Silly Cat Tricks: Feature where cat trainer Dawn Barkan talks about cats can be trained for movies.
– Jay Roach: A Director’s Profile: an ode to the director, hardly interesting.
– Deleted Scènes with optional commentary by Jay Roach and Jon Poll
– Linerary/Surf & Turf Scène
– Crawl Space
– Trailers of Meet The Fockers, The Terminal, Anchorman and The Legend Of Ron Burgundy

Meet the Parents is in my opinion one of the last good movies featuring Ben Stiller and not in the least because of the good supporting cast with Robert De Niro as main counterpart. This special edition has improved image quality, something people will definitely appreciate. The soundtrack is the same as with the original dvd release but as this is a comedy, the soundtrack is of little influence on the viewing experience. The extras that come with the special edition don’t really add much except for the lie detector feature which is quite interesting.

All in all, this special edition is a great buy for those that don’t have Meet the Parents on dvd yet. Those that already have the original release will probably not be interested in this one as the added value is rather small.

Our Score:

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