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Mega Man Powered Up

Mega Man, our blue here, has been kicking ass on all sorts of consoles for 20 years now. Although less known over here, PSP remakes are ideal to get to know the franchise and you can hardly ignore that quite some good titles have been released in this series. After the decent Mega Man Maverick Hunter X on the PSP, Capcom also wanted to release the first game of the series on Sony’s handheld. We see whether that was a good decision.

What immediately gets noticed is that this platform-action game has gotten a completel facelift and one that can be called succesful both technically as well as creatively. The whole looks a bit overly cute, but thanks to the beautiful and plentyful present animations, the sharp figures and the screensplashing colors you won’t be able not to appreciate this decision for a remake. On top of that you also get a ton of pleasant cut-scenes, something that wasn’t present in the original game and which really helps to support the storyline.

Who wants to relive the 1987 original can choose the Old Style version in singleplayer. You get the new visuals but for the rest the game remains completely faithful to the original, including the levels, difficulty degree and the aspect ratio that doesn’t make use of the widescreen image.

Lovers of modern times of course choose the New Style singleplayer and here you get revised levels and two new maps with new opponents and end bosses (Oil Man and Time Man). Luckily these two extra levels are very original and perfectly integrated with the original ones.

Also fun is the idea to make the defeated endbosses available as playable character! That way the replayability becomes a lot higher. Eventhough some characters are less useful for certain level. Also cool is the fact that certain areas aren’t accessible to Mega Man while they are for Boss characters thanks to their special weapons. Also handy is of course the save-function that allows to continue playing where you quit. Seeing the difficulty level of the game, this is more than welcome.

Surprisingly enough, also the online component of Mega Man Powered Up is very strong. You get a Construction Mode with which you can make your own levels. Incredibly addictive and quite easy to work with. Beware, quite a lot of time can crawl into this if you want to create a good and challenging level. The satisfaction afterwards is of course so much bigger when you exchange your creation over the internet with other players. This of course also means that in theory there’s an unlimited amount of levels present thanks to player-created content.

I also mention the Challenge-mode in which you get to take on no les than 100 different challenges, all very original and different. In short: you get a lot of extra content compared to the original version of this game.

Mega Man Powered Up is one of the best platform games I’ve played up to now and then I’m not only talking about PSP games! Not only was the rock solid gameplay from the original kept, you get a lot of additional content on top and also the visual facelift is very good although some people might be bothered by the high “cuteness” factor of the graphics. If you’re looking for a fun game with old-skool charms, you’re at the right address with this title!

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