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Mega Man X Command Mission

You know, this game really damaged my self-confidence and made me lose some necessities to be a good reviewer, that is of course if I ever had any of these. However, after I read “Who Took My Cheese” and got some pep-talk from our most laudable editor-in-chief, I found the strength to start writing again. So, after a few other reviews and translations, I finally picked up Mega Man X Command Mission.

The problem was that after I had been playing for some hours, it was still impossible for me to tell what this game was actually about and so I did not know what to think of this Mega Man RPG. That was quite a shock because I have always had an opinion about everything which I could substantiate with a whole bunch or arguments, whether they were always objective or not I do not want to discuss. I still remember taking the train to Ezemaal together with my caring mother. On that fifteen minute ride, I made such a convincing plea that a well-dressed gentleman, in the eighties people still considered a three-piece suit to be classy, said I had to become a lawyer. Coming from that elderly man it meant that I could talk viddy well although I had to ask my mother why he said so and replied that I wanted to become an archaeologist, ah how naïve could I be. Plunging around in the earth all day looking for some useless crap that is some hundred or thousands year old, dude like I care. I mean a pop song or a video game is old and iejuw after five years so why would I possibly want something that is hundreds of years old. Anyway, this little scenario should only convince you that I can explain and discuss anything even if I feel quite the opposite. One thing changed however, because of society’s pressure I lost the ability to say such things directly and I have to write it down. Not good for my self-esteem either, knowing that I could communicate better at an age of six than at the age of twenty-two.

If you happened to be interested in the subject of my wining on that train-ride, this paragraph will satisfy your curiosity. As every hard-working student not necessarily knows, the eighties were all about recession and I could experience that personally even when it came down to every day’s purchases. A Christmas tree was only half a metre high and was trimmed with corks wrapped in silver foil, new clothes were worn ones from nephews ánd nieces and there was nothing left for recreation. So if you wanted a cookie you might get a slice of bread with home-made, though extremely good, strawberry jam but that meant you had got to be very lucky. Now, I have always considered soda vending machines the point of technical revolution. In those days it was only one can River coke (cheap brand) every Friday or a small bag of potato chips (indeed because the two combined was way out of line), then only salt, paprika or pickles – I still think pickles are disgusting – and not the fifty types you can choose from today. So, besides their technical aspect, those vending machines popped out some delightfully delicious drinks too. Obviously such a drink was quite expensive as they charged more than a regular can from the store for it, and even that was taboo. Knowing all that, I guess you can see it would take a serious advocate to convince my mother to buy me such a drink. I can tell you, I did not get anything but a glass of water which I refused out of stubborness of course. In the end I do not blame mammy as she has always put everything aside for me which I will (try) not to forget.

About ten years later I ended up in high-school where it appeared that my papers where well received by a dozen of people but I did not actually had to work on them, I just sat down and started typing. Of course, with time passing by these idea’s might be represented more idealistically than the facts but nevertheless now I found myself staring at a white page instead of immediately writing down my thoughts about Mega Man X Command Mission. Up until this moment, I had always thought that the scene in a movie where one tries to write a letter but ends up wasting sheets of paper, was ridiculous but now I know it can happen and it is a fucking irritating too. Of course, I had to get all the bad luck at the same time: a lot of work and stress which were blocking my creative flows and then having to review a role playing game, not particularly my kind of style, based on a series of games which were 2D-action games, a genre which I was born in or so to speak.

Well, now that I have already filled more than a page, it seems that writing trite nonsense that has not got anything to do with the subject (at first sight) is still one of my specialties. In that way, I am a great admirer of Old Man Murray, a site which is so respected that you can see its logo in Q3DM19 on the backside of a block. For those guys I would take of my hat if I would ever wear one which I will not because I do not want to get bold … and beautiful yes that is going to happen!

For those of you who found the courage to get this far and still expect some game talk, I will tell you a little something about it as it would break my heart to let any of you guys down.


Personally, I do not like this Mega Man game because it is not what you would call graphically astonishing and the sound is even further away from spectacular. In addition, I found it frustrating that every time I was walking down a hall to solve a puzzle, the fade-to-black popped in and you were transferred to the fighting arena where you had to beat the opponents which fictively crossed your path but which they found too hard to visualise technically. The turn-based fighting system did not appeal to me and was, especially in the beginning, far from exciting. It got that bad that I was trying to avoid walking around and figured out the shortest path in the hope not cross an invisible enemy. The story was not too bad but then again it was not that deeply elaborated which it should be for an RPG. According to my very own brain, this game does not please RPG lovers and neither will it be of any use to the NES 2D-action lovers. The game cannot be called bad in any perspective but that does not mean it has that something with which it distinguishes itself from all the other ones over at mediocre mountain, something I hope this review actually does.

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