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Megaman Battle Network 5: Double Team

Megaman is one of the older heroes in the world of games. Just like Mario and Sonic he already has a long history behind him, but it seems like this wasn’t enough for the little hero with his arm canon. This is the last new adventure in the Megaman series and it’s great. A game full of action, a mega arsenal and lots of enemies.

This Megaman Battle Network 5: Double Team is, just like other Battle network games in the series, a kind of RPG-Action-Adventure game. You take on the role of a little boy named Lan. He is the son of the inventor of the so-called ‘Pets.” A Pet isn’t a domestic animal, on the contrary, it’s a computer program in the form of a handheld.The program is designed to wander about interactively in a worldwide network to counter modern computer virusses. These are represented in the game as little animals, robots and other crazy creatures against which you have to fight. By fighting new weapons are deserved, etc… More about that later.

The combat system in this game is certainly original! The way you encounter enemies resembles the Pokémon and Final Fantasy series: you’re walking around in a world and suddenly you warp to the battlefield. There you see your opponent in front of you and the battle can begin. The terrain you fight on is divided in 2 parts, which consists of different sections. Each side has its part. Weapons are bought or earned by fighting. What happens when you’re out of weapons? Well, once in a while you’re asked during combat to select new ones out of your virtual backpack. Mind you, they have to be of the same class and only vary in speed and power.

The game, or at least the game world, is represented in the upper screen, while in the lower screen something special can be found! It’s namely the layout you could find on the Pet. This helps the atmosphere in the game. With a button a menu can be opened in which you can read for example your mail, watch the weapons you’re having for the moment, start a DS network,… name it. This certainly is needed because your friends and even your enemies send you mail in the story! Every mail contains some tips to aid you in your quest.

Don’t expect much from the graphics. Real 3D models are absent, only ‘flat’ characters, a few pixels big, can be seen. The drawing style does looks nice and fits the Megaman universe, it’s a little bit cartoony. There’s isn’t much more to say, the graphics are moderate. Let’s talk once more about the atmosphere. It’s greatly made by the storyline. The plot is rather difficult, it’s about fathers and friends who are kidnapped by a bunch of ‘bad guys’. You are to find everyone and free them. It doesn’t look so special, but is worked out to the smallest detail. Gradually you learn more about the game’s characters. It keeps you glued to your DS, the urge to play and know more increases every time.

There isn’t much more to say about this game. It’s nice in its simplicity, but it has some complicated sides (like the weapons system). This game fits every gamer, young or old and it’s very addictive! But there are some disadvantages, the weapons system is complicated and the graphics are moderate.

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