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Megarace 3

Megarace was one of the first games available on cd-rom only and for its time it was very groundbreaking. Part 2 was still good although time had caught up with the license. Now, Cryo presents us Megarace 3 with the subtitle : “Nanotech Disaster”, and a disaster it is.

Just like in the previous versions of Megarace, Lance Boyle is the guy that will tell you what to do in his own “cynical” way. Maybe it’s me, but while I used to find him funny in the original games, his humour has far faded away in this version. All he can do is say stupid stuff that hardly makes any (which is his style) and it isn’t even funny anymore. Also the video presentations are afwul and you can hardly understand him unless you turn up the volume alot.

Of course, Lance Boyle isn’t Megarace. The presentations may suck if the game itself is any good. Unfortunately that isn’t the case.

The tracks are very different throughout the game but nothing seems to put them together. One track may look like some high-speed futuristic racing stadium while another makes you think you’re driving inside the guts of some huge alien animal. Sometimes a track can even look like a combination of both these types.

To make it even worse, the developers must have thought that putting alot of bright colors in the tracks, combined with very dark places must look very futuristic. Reality check : it doesn’t. All that the overflow of fluorescent colors does is make it hard to see where you need to drive.

There are four types of game modes : practice, arcade, career and catastrophe. None of them being interesting though (considering you need to play practice before you can do the other modes). Inside each game mode you can choose 3 playing modes including attack, defense and speed. Each of these modes speak for themselves. In attack mode you’ll try to kill as many opponents as possible, defense will be used if you’re in the lead and don’t want to get killed, and speed is usefull when you’re trying to apprehend an adversary that’s ahead of you.

In total there are 12 vessels but after having played with 6, I was already tired of the game. I didn’t really notice much difference in the crafts and the adversaries always look like small future-like cars. It’s like every opponent uses the same ship all the time while you can choose different crafts for each race. Total boredom all over.

If you’re looking for an arcade racing game at a low price, I suggest you try to find a budget version of Wipeout which is still way better in replay value than Megarace 3, and at full price this game just isn’t worth it at all

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