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Leonard Shelby (Guy Pierce) is on the lookout of his wife’s killer. One detail however: when his wife was killed, he got hit on his head and since then he’s got a certain disability which caused him to loose his short term memory. Nothing that happens stays with him while everything until the murder remains strikingly clear in his head. To make sure he doesn’t forget anything during his search, he makes polaroids of important people and put notes on them. The really important stuff, he gets tattood on his body. During his search, he gets helped Teddy (Joe Pantoliano), who keeps saying he’s the only person that can be trusted, and the bar girl Natalie (Carrie-Ann Moss). However, can these people be trusted and is he right in assuming they really want to help him ? Or are they just manipulating him, making it harder for him to find the truth ?

Sound and Vision:
The image is decent with good amount of detail and contrast but there is some slight edge enhancement present. Also the fact that the image isn’t presented in its original format (2.35:1 is transformed to 1.78:1) doesn’t really help as you can see several scenes have been cropped. The colors are bright and nicely balanced while the amount of black is very good. Also the black & white parts of the film are very well shown. Grain is slightly present but overall we can say that the image quality is good. Only too bad of the cutting towards 1.78:1 aspect ratio.

The soundtrack is very detailed and gives crystal clear dialogues while the surround speakers give a good atmospheric sound although they’re not used very aggressively. The subwoofer nicely supports the rest of the soundtrack with enough bass to make things a little more interesting to hear.

We start off the extras with a trailer and a cast&crew overview but the interesting part is an almost 30 minute interview with director Christopher Nolan who tells all about the idea’s behind the storyline. Unfortunately, this feature isn’t subtitled.

Memento is a great movie which is presented in a rather uncommon fashion by telling the story backwards. People who are in for a nice unconventional thriller will definitely appreciate the film and although there aren’t many extras, the interview with the director is rather interesting to watch. The image quality suffers because of the move to a different format, but the soundtrack on the other hand is of very high quality. Definitely worth checking out!

Our Score:

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