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Men in Black 2

The Men in Black return when an alien life form, in the form of the beautiful Serleena, that is looking for the Light of Zartha ends up on earth and starts kicking ass. The problem, however, is that the only man who still knows the light’s location is Agent Kay. Indeed, the Tommy Lee Jones who got his memory whiped out when he left the Men in Black and became a US post man in the first movie. When Jones returns to base with Will Smith and they start trying to retrieve his memory, Serleena takes over the men in black HQ, barely giving both agents the possibility to escape. A chase starts and time is running out because if the light isn’t removed from earth soon, the whole planet will explode.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality of MIB2 is good with sharp detail, good contrast and good color balance. Only problem is aliasing which is clearly shown in several scenes.

The soundtrack, although Dolby Digital 5.1, is not of the same quality. The surround channels and subwoofer and well-spread, but never do any of the effects really come out of the closet. From time to time you’ll hear some laser firing passing you or an explosion pounding through your subwoofer, but never will you get a total immersion into the movie. Quite disappointing although it’s not the fault of the transfer to DVD but rather the way the effects are used in the film. Sonnenfeld could have done A LOT more for a movie of this caliber.

MIB2 comes on 2 discs and is filled with extra’s.

First there’s the audio commentary from Barry Sonnenfeld (including a “telestrator” which shows on the picture what he’s talking about), 2 documentaries and an alternate ending. Next to that there’s a short featurette, photo galleries, cast&crew filmographies and the possibility to check out scenes in multiple angles. A teaser, music video from Will Smith and a MIB training video are also available aswell as some DVD features.

Overall, the extra’s give some good insight on how the movie was made and how certain aliens were created. Also some info on what the job of a production designer contains is given and how a soundtrack is made. Very good!

Although I wasn’t overly positive on Men In Black as I found its humor level to be quite low, Men In Black 2 manages to do as most sequels do : make the original movie all over again, but worse. I can remember a few scenes where my mouth started to form something that could be called a smile, and I can count all scenes on one hand. Pretty bad if you ask me.

Of course personal taste cannot be discussed, so I’ll head on to the technical department and to be honest : a movie with the potential of MIB2 should have a soundtrack which blows your mind. Unfortunately, this is not the case and therefor this DVD blows its only chance to have a reason to be bought. Only for the real fans who will love the tons of extras.

Our Score:

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