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Men in Black

Jay is a young cop in New York who loves his job. When one day he manages to catch up with an alien, he meets Kay and his life will never be the same again. Kay is an agent employed by a secret organisation (the Men in Black) that goes after bad aliens and he offers Jay the opportunity to join, which Jay accepts. When suddenly all aliens are moving away from Earth, Jay and Kay go out to investigate and they find out that the Big Bug is on earth and hiding in the skin of a human called Edgar. Edgar is looking for “the galaxy” and will stop at nothing to find and destroy it…

Sound and Vision:
There’s some very minor grain and noise present in certain scenes and skin tones are a bit off at times. Also some shots look a bit on the soft side and it’s clear this movie dates from 1997. Still, things don’t really look too bad for such an old movie.

The Dolby Digital TrueHD sound is nice with plenty of detail, clear dialogues from the center speaker and plenty of use of the surrounds and subwoofer for support and special effects. Still it can’t match up to current day releases and we’re wondering why there’s no DTS track present as the TrueHD one lacks some punch and you need to turn up the volume to get that cinema feeling.

– Deleted Scenes
– Intergalactic Pursuit: MIB Trivia Game
– Ask Frank the Pug! Interactive game

Men in Black used to be a sci-fi spoof and it’s still quite funny. It’s clear the movie has aged, but Smith, Jone and D’Onofrio still make for memorable characters. Regarding this Blu-ray release, we’re left wondering what the real added value is. It doesn’t look much better than the DVD release from years ago and doesn’t add anything over the previous blu-ray release either. In fact, it has less extras even.

Our Score:

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