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Men in Black

Jay is a young cop in New York who loves his job. When one day he manages to catch up with an alien, he meets Kay and his life will never be the same again. Kay is an agent employed by a secret organisation (the Men in Black) that goes after bad aliens and he offers Jay the opportunity to join, which Jay accepts. When suddenly all aliens are moving away from Earth, Jay and Kay go out to investigate and they find out that the Big Bug is on earth and hiding in the skin of a human called Edgar.

Edgar is looking for “the galaxy” and will stop at nothing to find and destroy it…

Sound and Vision:
There’s some very minor grain present in certain scenes but other than that there’s absolutely nothing to complain about. Compression errors are completely absent, level of detail as well as black and colors are great, contrast is optimal and in short you can simply state that this Blu-ray is a reference.

The Dolby Digital TrueHD sound is excellent with plenty of detail, clear dialogues from the center speaker and plenty of use of the surrounds and subwoofer for support and special effects. Great stuff!

– Telestrator Commentary With Director Barry Sonnenveld And Tommy Lee Jones: commentary track with Sonnenfeld and Jones at the bottom of the screen while Sonnenfeld often marks things in the movie
– Audio Commentary With Director Barry Sonnenveld And Tommy Lee Jones: same as the Telestrator but without the two guys on screen and with subtitles
– Technical Commentary With Barry Sonnenfeld, Rick Baker And Industrial Light & Macgic Team: commantary track that focuses more about the technical aspects of the movie
– Intergalactic Persut: The MIB Multi-Player Triva Game: interactive game where you have to qualify as MIB agent
– Ask Frank The Pug!: questions you can pose in 5 different categories
– Extended And Alternate Scenes: 6 deleted scenes as well as a scene without special effects
– Metamorphosis Of Men In Black: 23 minute Making Of
– Original Featurette: promo video
– Visual Effects Deconstruction: feature that shows how two scenes were created with multi-angle option and optional commentary
– Character Animation Studies: feature that allows you to construct three characters from the movie with multi-angle option
– Creatures: Concept To Completion: animated picture gallery that through morphing shows how design sketches are transformed into special effects
– Galleries: storyboard gallery, concept art, production pictures, storyboard comparisons
– Scène Editing Workshop
– Music Video: “Men In Black”
– Men In Black Trailers
– Previews for 21, The Waterhorse: Legend of the Deep, Vantage Point, First Sunday

Men in Black has always been a spectacular movie when it comes to action and special effects and this Blu-ray edition nicely brings out the best of the movie. The image is of reference quality, the sound is awesome and unless you don’t like the movie (or don’t have a blu-ray player) there’s no reason to skip this one

Our Score:

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