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Messengers 2-Disc SE, The

Up till recently, the Solomon family lived in Chicago but after an accident with daughter Jess and her little brother, they decided to move to the country to get some rest. Parents Roy and Denise want to start a new life being farmers and have bought an old house where they’ll grow sunflowers. However, what they don’t know is that the house is so cheap because it’s haunted…

Sound and Vision:
There are some minor compression errors and also some grain present. For the rest we get a decent amount of detail and overall the image may not be perfect but it suffices.

The sound is pretty good with decent use of the surround speakers and subwoofer for special effects and music. Especially the DTS track does a good job with aggressive use of the surrounds.

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The Messengers starts off with a very known story: “family moves to old house that’s haunted and only the kids see this but nobody believes them until it’s too late”. As such, we’ve seen many movies and some of those do manage to entertain. However, The Messengers doesn’t. The plot twists near the end are absurd and stupid, the acting is pretty bad, and by now we’ve seen the ghosts from The Ring and The Grudge too many times already. A very average horror film that you might want to check out if you’ve got nothing else to do, but don’t expect it to last in your memories for long.

Our Score:

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