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Messengers 2: The Scarecrow

John Rollins is having a difficult time. His farm is being terrorized by crows that eat all the crop, his financials are bad to say the least with his banker forcing him to sell and his suppliers not wanting to give him any more credit, and all the stress is a strain on his relationship with his family. One day he finds an ugly old scarecrow hidden in his barn and eventhough his son is scared of it, he decides to put it up on advise of his new neighbour Jude Weatherby. From that moment things start to change in a strange way. The crows suddenly end up dead, his banker gets into an accident and dies, and with some money he found in his corn field he can buy new seeds again. John’s luck, however, doesn’t continue for long as the scarecrow is up to no good…

Sound and Vision:
The image and sound quality are what we’ve gotten used to on DVD. Eventhough this is a direct-to-dvd release there’s nothing really to complain about except maybe for the image towards the end that is a bit on the dark side which makes it harder to see what exactly is going on. However, this seems intentional and can therefore not be attributed to a bad transfer.


Messengers 2: The Scarecrow is a strange movie. The original feature film was based on a script that had undergone plenty of changes and didn’t involve any scarecrows what so ever. This prequel/sequel(?) is based on that original script but doesn’t seem to take into account what happens in the original movie (which should continue the storyline laid out here). I won’t give any spoilers and therefore can’t go further into detail but if you check out both movies you’ll see what I mean when you reach the ending of this film and compare it with the plot twist of The Messengers.

Anyway, this movie follows the standard paths laid out for low-budget horror flicks and doesn’t surprise at any point. Every plot twist can be seen coming from miles away, the acting is mediocre and you can really wonder why this film was actually made. Theres thousands of movies like this one and plenty that are made better.

Our Score:

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