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I like 3D Shooters. At least : 3D First-person shooters.

Messiah isn’t a first person shooter. It’s 3rd person like Tomb Raider. I didn’t like that game either (yea yea, you’re gonna send hatemail to me now, i know) because having to float behind your character (3rd person view that was introduced by the old but in-its’-time-renewing Alone In The Dark) really doesn’t appeal to me. The camera viewpoint keeps changing all the time and in a fight that’s the thing you don’t want to have because your orientation is flying with the wind. “Where are my attackers ? Oh there they are, they just shot me”.

Also the idea is allready ridiculous in this game : you are some kind of baby-angel that has to save the world, becoming the “Messiah” (yea, like Jesus in his time, but now with some more butt-kicking to do instead of hanging on a cross playing the marter).

You start in the body of a cop without any weapons and the first thing you have to do is … right, get a weapon. No, you don’t do it by killing a guy with your bare fists, it’s by getting your body killed and jumping into the body of the armed cop that just shot you (now isn’t that a punishment for that guy) while his friends are coming to help him. You better be fast or otherwise they’ll kill you before you get the chance of shooting them.

If that isn’t enough, the only people that seem to have a normal body are scientists (of all people!) while cops seem to have eaten a few too many donuts and hamburgers (or is that because of their bulletproof vests that aren’t bulletproof ???). No, the graphics may seem kewl at first, but if you look closer they suck. All characters that I’ve seen are cyborg-like except for the janitor that you kill in the early beginning and i doubdt that that was meant to be so (and if it was meant to be so, the creators are even bigger idiots than I thought).
Something that could have been nice are the effects you get when you get some kind of “Message that tells-you-what-you-have-to-do-but-doesn’t-really-help-you” if it wouldn’t hold up the speed of the game all the time.

The thing I hate most is that when you’re in your “natural self” (as baby-angel, cupid-like) you can’t pick up weapons to frag some ass. Therefor you have to keep finding bodies and jump into them.

Where did Shiny Entertainment come up with such a story ? Did they bore themselves to death and suddenly someone came up and said : “Hey, what if there was this baby-angel that jumps into our bodies and kills us all ? Wouldn’t that be cool ?”
Guess it WOULD be cool if that would happen (we would be saved from more shiny idea’s).

In my opinion (which is pretty negative as you may have allready noticed), Tomb Raider 4 is as fun to play as getting in a fight with Mike Tyson, but at least the story is somehow realistic. The only thing realistic in Messiah is the body damage. When you fall from a stairs, be sure you break your legs and can do nothing else than crawl around, looking pittyful (and that’s not what you want in a game).
Nah, Messiah is a piece of crap that tries to be some kind of Tomb Raider-like game with a “neat” story (yea, let’s make the player a kiler-baby-angel that saves the world) behind it.

And to believe I wasted (not too much) time on this game.

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