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Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid was a huge hit on the Playstation a few years ago, and now (due to Microsoft) we can have fun with this game on our PC… or can we ?
Haven’t we seen in the past that conversions from console games aren’t so great on the PC ?
I mean, on my playstation I love to play Tekken 3 or fighting games like that, but time has proven me that such games really don’t play the same on an ordinary computer. I think the best console conversion ever was the Mortal Kombat series, and after that I’ve seen no other console games do as good.

Metal Gear Solid (although fun) has the usual problem you can expect from a conversion : The controls suck ! I don’t have a gamepad and will never buy one (I really dislike gamepads and joysticks) but this game is completely made with a gamepad in mind. If you don’t have one, it’s keyboard-ramming for you !

Forget about mouse-view, forget about a normal 3rd person view with camera’s following your character through different angles.
Metal Gear Solid has the top-down view we used to see in games lots of years ago, sometimes switching to a kind of standard 3rd person view if you put your character standing with his back onto a wall.

The game itself is graphically nice, but not spectacular. We’ve seen it all before.
Throughout the game you get several movie-sequences moralising that war is bad and nuclear weapons should be destroyed. Yadda Yadda Yadda…

The worst thing, however, is that you’ve got a codec (some kind of personal radio system) with which you can receive transmissions from your boss and other people that are supposed to help you out, but the graphics… The graphics of the codec SUCK !!! It’s like watching a movie on a 21 inch screen with your nose right on the screen !
I can’t imagine I’ve seen text-lines be so bad since the original Commander Keen series (and I think even those were better).

With all these bad points you’ll probably think I’ve pretty much ended the “bad points” of MGS, but you’re wrong.

Metal Gear Solid is a stealth-type of game, much like Thief, but with guns.

What does this mean ? You have to run around, trying to not be found, and accomplishing your mission in secrecy and that’s not so hard.

The guards that are running around are “genetically engineered” so that they’ve got improved senses. It seems, however, that the more their senses improve, the less AI they have.
You’ve got a small radar in the right corner of your screens where you can see where the guards are, and where their point of view is, and as long as you don’t come into their point of view, you can easily sneak up to them. You can even stand behind them for 20 minutes without them even knowing you’re there ! Great engineering !

Is there nothing good about Metal Gear Solid ? Yes, ofcourse not everything is bad. MGS has a great storyline (like it had on the PSX) and that’s what keeps the game from drowning.

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