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Metropolis Software on Archangel

A few weeks ago I sent a couple of questions to the people of Metropolis Software about their recently announced 1st/3rd person shooter Archangel. Finally, they’ve sent me their answers.

Where did the idea for the story come from ?

Marcin Drews: Michal Doniec (game designer who among other things co-designed FireFight published by AE in 1996 and awarded by PC Gamer US and Adrenaline Vault as the best shooter of the year) is author of that idea, which is dark techno thriller with horror, cyber punk and some fantasy elements. He is one of these inspired artists, who have real talent and live for art. When you see what they create, you hold them in big respect. As Michal says, the beginning was very simple – once he ordinarily hit idea! 🙂 I must emphasize that his story is very original and it is not refer to Bible themes. Because there are a lot of good fantasy games on the electronic entertainment market, we have decided to go into another direction and give players the possibility to explore something fresh and new.

What will the goal in the game be and could you tell us something more about the story. I mean : After the car crash the man wakes up, and … ?

Marcin Drews: The goal in the games is always the same – you must think, fight and win! 🙂 However “Archangel” will be full of surprises. We want to avoid hordes of bad creatures, who attack player in one body and the only task is mass-killing. In our project player must search different ways to defeat opponent, for example apply different kind of weapons. As you see, it is clear element of RPG.

You ask about the story. Yes, after the car crash our hero wakes up in dark strange place. He doesn’t remember his name and… I can’t talk about it right now. 🙂 Please check our page ( from time to time. We will post new fragments of Archangel prologue – it will reveal a lot of “before the game” information.

Archangel is built on a new engine specifically made for this game. What can we expect from it ? What will its features be ?

Marcin Drews: New engine is created by our best programmers. Comparing to our previous projects, it is much more extended and powerful. Works on engine are still in progress. Today we may boast outside highly extensive maps, created with innovative methods. Many polygons, complicated solid geometry, created originally in Soft Image. So, as I said, our engine is really technologically advanced. IMHO our solutions may be model to imitation for other developers.

Since it’s a 3rd/1st person game, weapons will be very important. What types of weapons will we be able to use ?

Marcin Drews: Weapon selection will be really rich. Remember that game major character will travel the different epochs. So we will use old kind of weapons, also mystical and technologically advanced weapons. It will give players a lot of good fun.

There are 3 epochs and different locations in Archangel. What do we have to think about with that ? What types of environment will we get to see ?

Marcin Drews: We will explore a lot of very strange, dark and original places. When I talk about it, it gives me the creeps! 🙂 Now I can tell you that in our journey the age-old legend will mix with technologically advanced reality.

The information currently available states that the NPC’s will actively take part in the action. Does that mean you’ll have co-op, or does it mean that you’ll just be able to talk with NPC’s or something ?

Marcin Drews: Yes, the peripheral figures will be not passive but it’s too early to talk about it. Works on that part of game are still in progress.

Which games will Archangel compete with ? With this I mean which type of genre does the game look like most ? (Blade of Darkness, Tomb Raider, Vampire:The Masquerade, …)

Marcin Drews: We hate that kind of comparisons and always avoid them. Comparisons create misunderstandings, because everybody estimates games from different point of view.

Have you just recently started with development of Archangel, or is the game already in development for a while ?

Marcin Drews: We started in November 2000 and we work hard every day. J

The game is being published by Fishtank Interactive. Will the game be released both in Europe and USA on the same time?

Marcin Drews: I cannot tell you that. We are focused on creating game only. Our publisher – Fishtank Interactive ( informs about such issues. So the questions regarding release details should be addressed to Fishtank Interactive. I encourage you to get in contact with our publisher. Fishtank Interactive will be glad to answer questions about publishing.

We contacted the people from Fishtank Interactive and here’s what they had in response :

The worldwide release will be in Q2 2002. We are trying to release it in Europe and US at almost the same date. As you will probably know, it is always very difficult to release the different language versions at the same day but we will try

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